2. Founding a Clinic and Trusting in God’s Call, with Dede Chism, MSN, PNNP

Click here to listen to the interview with Dede Chism.

What would you do if you felt God calling you to something really big?

Like, really big. Like, starting a brand new clinic like nothing you’ve ever been to before big. Oh, and you’ve never run a clinic. And you’ve been working in hospital medicine for 22 years.

Episode 2 brings you an interview with a woman who did just that- Dede Chism, MSN, PNNP, and executive director of Bella Natural Women’s Care and Family Clinic.

Dede Chism, MSN, PNNP

I went in to this interview with a list of topics I planned on discussing with Dede (After all, she has a pretty impressive resume, from transporting pregnant women in helicopters, to writing a book on high-risk pregnancy care, to being a founding member of the National Consortium of Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers). Instead, the Holy Spirit guided our conversation to discuss making beauty out of bad situations, of relying on God, of radically living a life of prayer in our professions. Dede’s insights apply to all of us, not just those called to start a clinic.

In this episode, we reference:

  • The Complete Works of St. Teresa of Avila
  • The Giver and the Gift: Principles of Kingdom Fundraising by Peter Greer and David Weekley
  • Bella Natural Women’s Care and Family Wellness Clinic (click here to be see their website)
  • National Consortium on Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers (click here to learn more)

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed learning from Dede!


** The usual boring disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast by myself and my guests are our own and do not represent those of our employers. This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Please see your healthcare provider for any medical needs. This podcast is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please see your healthcare provider for any medical needs.**

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