4. Palliative Medicine and Combating Burnout, with Natalie Rodden, MD

November’s episode is with Dr. Natalie Rodden, a palliative care attending physician. Click here to listen online.

Dr. Natalie Rodden

I first heard Natalie speak at a Catholic Medical Association meeting, and knew I wanted her on the show. Fun fact- Dr. Rodden was the first president of the student chapter of the Catholic Medical Association!

We chat about:
– The field of palliative medicine and how it helps people live their best lives
– How the culture has changed with the passing of death with dignity/physician assisted suicide laws
– How to avoid burnout and find joy in your job

We reference:
Dying for Revenge, by Barbara Golder
Dying for Compassion, by Barbara Golder

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to follow Practicing Catholic Medicine on Instagram @practicingcatholicmedicine.


God bless!



**The usual boring disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast by myself and my guests are our own and do not represent those of our employer. This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Please see your healthcare provider for any medical needs.**

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