10. Pediatric Oncology Nursing and Consecrated Virginity, with Andrea Polito

 Episode 10 is officially here! I chat with Andrea Polito, a registered nurse in pediatric oncology AND a consecrated virgin. This episode also marks the end of Season 1! Practicing Catholic Medicine will be taking a short break as I gather more interviews and continue to make the podcast even better! I will let you all know when the next season starts.

Before I met Andrea, I had no idea what it meant to be a lay consecrated virgin. She explains the rich history of the vocation and her call to it. This episode is perfect for anyone in those “discerning” stages- whether it’s discerning a job, a vocation, or a big move. I especially loved Andrea’s advice on looking for Christ, and remember that He moves in the ordinary, seemingly mundane parts of life! You can read an article written about Andrea’s vocation here.

Andrea is a nurse in pediatric oncology, a field with high-highs and low-lows. I especially wanted to share this episode in May because six years ago this month by cousin’s young daughter Kayleen passed away from childhood leukemia after a long, hard-fought battle. If you’re looking to support children and families with childhood cancer, I cannot recommend enough her legacy foundation, which you can read more about here. Another wonderful organization that I was blessed to volunteer with is Camp Wapiyapi, a summer camp in Colorado that is FREE for children with pediatric cancer AND their siblings!

Andrea and I chat about:

– Her passion for the field of child cancer care

– Resiliency in an emotionally straining field

– Her vocation as a consecrated virgin, including what it means to be a consecrated virgin and how she discerned this call (she was definitely not expecting it!)

We reference:

– The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene

– The Ball and the Cross, by GK Chesterton



** The usual boring disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast by myself and my guests are our own and do not represent those of our employers. This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Please see your healthcare provider for any medical needs. This podcast is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please see your healthcare provider for any medical needs.**

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