6. Medical Missions, with Megan Mueller, RN, BSN, and former director of FOCUS Medical Missions

Today’s episode is with Megan Mueller, BSN, RN, and the first director of FOCUS’ (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Medical Missions branch. You can listen on line here, or on your favorite podcast streaming service (like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc). 
Megan Mueller
Megan Mueller. PC: Juan Andres
In this episode, Megan and I dive deep into the world of medical missions and her experience as a participant and as a leader for numerous medical missions around the world. 
We chat about:
– How to find a good organization for medical missions (hint: finding one that has the resources for follow up care for those you serve)
– Concerns raised by others, such as “Do medical missions even matter?”, and “People going on medical missions are just looking to feel good about themselves and get pictures with cute kids.”
– How medical missions help you become a better provider where you currently serve, and how our call to serve in America is no different than serving on a mission abroad.
We reference:
He Leadeth Me, by Fr. Walter J. Ciszek
* A reminder that the views expressed in this podcast are our own and do not reflect the views of our employers, and that this podcast is not meant to replace medical care. Please see your medical provider for any medical concerns. *

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