8. Global Health and Emergency Medicine, with Dr. Claire Uebbing

This month’s episode is with Dr. Claire Uebbing, an attending physician working in Global Health medicine.

Dr. Claire Uebbing

Claire has an impressive CV. She received her medical training at Indiana University School of Medicine.  After graduation, she went on to complete an emergency medicine residency in Detroit, Michigan. Claire then furthered her training with a global health fellowship and a Master’s degree in public health at Colombia University, while at the same time serving as an attending physician in emergency medicine in New York. During her fellowship and the years that have followed, Claire has worked abroad in many countries, including Uganda, Mozambique, Cambodia, Panama, Kenya, and her current position is in Papa New Guinea. Claire brings a wealth of experience and the unique perspective of medicine worldwide.

We chat about:

⁃ What global medicine is (hint: it’s not a mission trip!)

⁃ What drew her into global health medicine as a full-time career

⁃ Her experiences as an emergency medicine resident in Detroit, and the ways socioeconomic status affect our patients

⁃ The worldwide church

⁃ Lessons from working abroad on the US healthcare system

We reference:

⁃ Project C.U.R.E

The Good Earth series by Pearl Buck



* A reminder that the views expressed in this podcast are our own and do not reflect the views of our employers, and that this podcast is not meant to replace medical care. Please see your medical provider for any medical concerns. *

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